Grief Not Guilt

Mourning Without Blame


Chad Marcus Freeman


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Grief Not Guilt

Mourning Without Blame

Our grief reveals the image of God in us as we face death and loss.


Grief is how our soul fumbles through the wreckage of a loss we would give almost anything to hold again.

Guilt isn’t concerned about our health; it is only concerned with how others perceive our health. If we are going to have any chance at processing our loss, we have to keep guilt quiet by speaking our truth to others and ourselves.


Chad Marcus Freeman

Chad lives with his family in Boise, Idaho. He is the author of Burning Temple: Facing Our Anger at God (Wipf & Stock Publishers). Chad received a Masters degree from Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, TX as well as a "Foundations of Biblical Counseling" Certificate from CCEF School of Biblical Counseling.


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